APPROP Services

APPROP provides its Members with free advice, namely:


Legal Advice


Tax Advice


Accounting Counseling

In addition to free advice, we also offer our associates the following services:

Gestão de Imóveis

APPROP provides its associates with services related to the management of their real estate. From the wide range of services provided, we can highlight support in the preparation of lease or purchase agreements, as well as the evolution of the process. We also have a team that can give advice on problems that may arise due to the transition from the old Urban Lease Scheme to the new NRAU and clarify issues related to real estate taxation. Some of these services are provided in partnerships with the best national and foreign experts, benefiting our associates at significant discounts.

Real Estate Management

If you are a property owner and are concerned about your condominium, please contact APPROP: our professionals and partners will advise you on this matter. The APPROP may also provide administrative services to the condominium owners, in order to protect the interests of the owners. Alternatively, the APPROP will be happy to carry out the functions inherent to the management of the condominiums that they need.

Advantages of becoming an Associate

Becoming an APPROP Member presents a wide range of benefits to those interested. The privileged access to a set of experienced professionals, the possibility of obtaining advice in the areas related to Property Management and Condominiums, Taxation, Accommodation, among others, are just some of the advantages that you can get when you join APPROP. enjoy numerous opportunities for discounts and other benefits from the signing of partnership agreements made by APPROP. Simultaneously you will have access to events, conferences and clarification sessions organized by us. Being a member of the APPROP is still a unique opportunity to strengthen the fight against injustices in the real estate market.

Briefly, upon becoming an APPROP Member, you may enjoy the following conditions:

  • Free legal advice by APPROP (*);
  • Privileged access to a set of experienced and qualified professionals;
  • Possibility to enjoy exclusive conditions for APPROP Associates, such as discounts and promotions from APPROP partners, with which the Association has signed collaboration protocols;
  • Free access to all events, conferences, clarification sessions and webinars conducted by APPROP.

(*) – Within the possibilities of APPROP.
Contacts with APPROP can be done preferably by email, telephone and Whatsapp.
Meetings are obligatory with prior appointment.

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