João Caiado Guerreiro
(Chairman of the Board)

Message from the President of the Portuguese Owners Association (APPROP)

The Portuguese Association of Owners is an association that is concerned with the problems of all 2,923,271 Portuguese owners: whether they are from the North, the South, the Center or the Interior of Portugal; both, landlords and owners.

One of our main concerns is to safeguard the Constitutional right to the first housing, which right will only be attainable with the reduction of tax and legal costs. Everyone has the right to a house. We consider, therefore, that taxation on the first housing should be eliminated completely.

APPROP objectives are, among others, the stability of the laws, more freedom of contracting in the real estate market, a balanced, just and stable relationship between landlords and tenants, less bureaucracy in urban and rural licensing. If, like us, you believe in these objectives, sign up for the APPROP.

Together we will fight for the same cause!


APPROP is a modern and constantly evolving association, keeping abreast of updates and legislative developments, in order to provide the best advice to all owners who require the assistance of the Association.
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Becoming an APPROP Member presents a wide range of benefits to those interested. The privileged access to a set of experienced professionals in the areas related to Real Estate and Condominium Management, Taxation, Accommodation.
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João Caiado Guerreiro points out problems of the Portuguese Real Estate Market

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